8 Ways To Make Your Dog’s Kibble More Appealing

8 Ways To Make Your Dog’s Kibble More Appealing

Kibble is dry dog food made from ground-up ingredients molded into pellets, cubes, or other shapes. Because dry dog food has a long shelf-life and is reasonably priced, it’s the most popular food among dog owners. However, not all dogs are keen on this dry dog food, so dog owners may need to find ways…

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10 Best Dog Kibble for Sensitive Skin Dogs

Skin sensitivity in dogs is often triggered by the food they consume. Most foods that we give our canine friends, whether homemade or industrially processed, contain ingredients, additives, or preservatives that can act against their skin. Fortunately, for owners whose dogs struggle with sensitive skin, there are uniquely formulated foods for this kind of allergy….

Dehydrated Dog Food vs. Kibble – Which Is Best?

Most people agonize over picking the dog food that meets their dog’s nutritional needs, like dehydrated dog food and kibble. Is dehydrated dog food better than kibble? Which is the best for your dog? Dehydrated dog food is better than kibble because it’s more nutritious, tastier, and healthier. Dry foods are only heated to remove…

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8 of the Best Dog Kibble Brands for Picky Eaters

Feeding a picky dog can be an uphill challenge. If your dog isn’t enthusiastic about its meals, you may want to consider changing things up. Some dogs may be picky eaters due to taste, allergies, anxiety, or dental issues, but some dog kibbles can please dogs with any of these problems. The best dog kibble…

Speach bubble "The Canned Dog Food Versus Dry Dog Food Debate Rages On"Canned Dog food VS Kibble

The Canned Dog Food Versus Dry Dog Food Debate Rages On

As loving pet owners, we all want the best for our dogs, so it’s no surprise that a debate rages on about canned dog food versus dry dog food, and which one is better for your dog. While dry dog food is convenient and shelf-stable, canned dog food is easier for a dog to digest….

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10 Reasons To Add Water To Dog Kibble

Dog kibble is dry dog food. Kibble is made via a process of extrusion, whereby different types of ingredients, such as legumes, meat, vegetables, and all other nutritional foods for dogs, are grounded and shaped into pallets. We typically feed kibble to our dogs as it is, so why add water to it? Water is…

Dog, kibble and a speach bubble "This Is What Dog Kibble Tastes Like (Not What You Think)

This Is What Dog Kibble Tastes Like (Not What You Think)

Have you ever wanted to try dog food just to see what it tastes like? Thankfully, you don’t have to pop that kibble in your mouth to find out, as other people have already tried it. Here’s the truth about what dog kibble tastes like (hint: it’s not what you think). Dog kibble tastes slightly…

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Storing Dry Dog Food in Ziplock Bags? (Read This First)

When you buy dog food, you may find that it comes in a large bag with some kind of seal. The seal is important for keeping air and moisture out of the food, leading to spoilage, but some containers do not come with an airtight seal, and you may be looking for ways of keeping…

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Why Dog Swallows Kibble Without Chewing

It’s not unusual for your dog to be excited about food (who doesn’t like food?). So, you have probably witnessed your dog swallow food without even chewing it too. That type of behavior does have its reasoning, though. Dogs swallow kibble without chewing because they follow their instincts when it comes to food. Unlike humans,…

The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Dog Kibble and Raw

Raising a healthy and happy dog is one of your primary responsibilities as a pet parent. How energetic and healthy your dog is has a lot to do with what he eats. This is why you need to feed your dog different foods, such as kibble and raw food, for you to raise a dog…