Can Dogs Eat

Chicken nuggets on a white background

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Nuggets? Yay or Nay?

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than an order of hot chicken nuggets and savory dipping sauce from your favorite restaurant. While you might be tempted to stop and get some for you and Fido to split, you should think twice before sharing your tasty nuggets with your canine friend. Dogs should not eat chicken nuggets because…

Frozen Yoghurt and strawberries

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Yogurt? Read This First!

For dog owners, a major consideration during the hot summer months is what cold treats we can feed our dogs to cool them off. Frozen yogurt is a big favorite among humans, so it follows that dogs may love it too. But considering that not all human foods are safe for dogs, is it okay…

Ginger Cookies

Can Dogs Eat Ginger Snaps: Yay or Nay?

Ginger snaps are delicious ginger-flavored crispy biscuits that humans like to munch on, either on their own, as desserts, or as a part of other recipes. Either way, there’s a chance that your dog is likely to come begging for a bite whenever he sees you devouring these tasty cookies. But is it right to…

two green Jalapenos

Can Dogs Eat Jalapenos? (We Ask the Experts)

It’s Taco Tuesday at home and you’re getting dinner ready. You’ve got the tortilla chips, the taco filling, and a bowl of fresh salsa with jalapenos. You’ve also got a dog who’s giving you big puppy eyes while you’re eating, but is it really safe to feed your dog jalapenos? Dogs should not eat jalapenos….

Jello in different colors

Can Dogs Eat Jello? (We Find Out)

Nearly everyone likes Jell-O, and everyone who has a dog they love wants to give that dog a treat, something to reward the pup or just make him happy. These two facts should not intersect. Can dogs eat Jell-O? Dogs should not eat Jell-O. If you discover that your dog has eaten Jell-O without your…

Lemongrass and Lemon oil

Can Dogs Eat Lemongrass? Let’s Find Out!

Lemongrass, scientifically known as Cymbopogon, is a popular grass herb among humans. This member of the grass family is known for its numerous health benefits ranging from boosting the red blood cell level to lowering blood cholesterol to relieving pain. But if it’s beneficial to humans, is it really safe for consumption by dogs? Dogs…


Can Dogs Eat Mayo? (We Find Out)

Many pet owners err on the side of caution when it comes to feeding dogs, while others believe dogs can enjoy and eat anything humans can. We see them as family, so we want them to enjoy the foods we enjoy, especially when their pleading eyes are so cute. But can they eat things like…


Can Dogs Eat Molasses? (We Find Out)

Most people use molasses as a natural sweetener substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners in preparing healthy treats for human consumption. However, as much as it’s safe for humans, is it okay for dogs to eat it? More importantly, should they eat it? Dogs can eat molasses, but only in small amounts. However, be sure…


Can Dogs Eat Mulberries? (We Find Out)

Mulberry trees grow wild, and there are lots of berries for the taking. Mulberries taste so good and grow all over the place, and dogs will occasionally dart to snack on them. But are they safe for your dog? Dogs can eat mulberries as they can strengthen your dog’s immune system. However, there are conditions…

Raspberries close up

Can Dogs Eat Raspberries? Let’s Find Out!

Dogs love raspberries as much as we do! However, you will want to offer them as a treat on occasion. Most people are surprised to learn that fruits and veggies are healthy for dogs to eat. Your dog can safely eat raspberries. Most berries are easy for dogs to chew and contain fiber, Vitamin C,…