Can Dogs Eat

Can Dogs Eat Doritos? Should They Really?

Does it seem like every time you rip open a bag of Doritos, your dog appears? Dogs love begging for these cheesy chips, but many people are confused about whether or not they can feed them to their pup. Can dogs eat Doritos? Dogs shouldn’t eat Doritos. While one or two would be harmless for…

Vienna Sausage on a cutting board

My Dog Ate Vienna Sausage. Will He Be Okay?

Dogs are masters at getting what they want, as those sad eyes and hopeful faces melt our hearts, and we often give in to them even when we know that what they want is bad for them. Sometimes, they even get into things that are bad for them without our knowledge. That is why it…

Bologna on a cutting board

Is Bologna a Good Dog Treat? (We Find Out)

Bologna meat is a regular fixture in many sandwiches we enjoy, and if your dogs are like most, then they’ll hang around as you enjoy this treat. Is it a good idea to share your bologna with them? Is bologna a good treat for your dog? Bologna is a good dog treat, but only when…

Beef Jerky on a cutting board

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky? (We Ask the Experts)

It isn’t unusual for dog owners to want to share their tasty foods with their furry companions, and beef jerky is one of those flavorful snacks that most dogs can’t resist. However, before giving Fido a few pieces of beef jerky, it’s important to research whether or not dogs can safely digest it. Dogs can…

a handful of chestnuts

Can Dogs Eat Chestnuts? (Is it Safe?)

Your habit of eating roasted chestnuts has made your dog curious about what you’re eating. Now they’re giving you the puppy dog eyes and begging for one; you’re tempted to give in, but you’re worried and unsure if it’s safe for them. So can dogs eat chestnuts? Dogs can eat chestnuts, and they’re perfectly safe….

Mac and Cheese

Can Dogs Eat Mac and Cheese? We Find Out

A nice warm bowl of creamy mac and cheese is the perfect comfort food. It’s delicious – so delicious, in fact, that you may be tempted to treat your furry friend to some as well. However, can dogs eat mac and cheese? Dogs can eat mac and cheese, but it’s not a healthy option and…

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro? (We Find Out)

Cooking for your dog is an adventure when you have so many ingredients to choose from. But with something as simple as herbs, in particular cilantro, can you be sure whether it will suit your dog’s diet? Dogs can eat cilantro but only in moderation. It provides many vitamins and essential minerals that aid your…

I Ran Out of Dog Food: What Foods Can My Dog Eat?

When you go to feed your dog only to discover you’re out of dog food, you may wonder what foods you can give your furry friend. Turns out, there are plenty of good options you likely have on hand right now. However, it’s also important to know which foods are not okay to feed your…

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Feet? (We Ask the Experts)

Every dog owner looks for treats for his pup, whether for training, supplementing the animal’s diet, or just giving the dog a treat to make him happy. On the long list of things we buy our animals to eat or chew on is chicken feet, easily the most horrifying-looking thing we feed our dogs regularly….

Can Dogs Eat Caramel? (We Ask the Experts)

Most dog owners know that chocolate is right up there with poison when it comes to things your dog shouldn’t eat. They may wonder, though, how far that prohibition goes: is it all candy products? If your dog has gotten into some caramel, you might be freaking out a little. Dogs can eat caramel and…