Can Dogs Eat Jicama? (We Ask the Experts)

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Jicama is a Mexican potato, or edible root, that comes from that country. If you enjoy eating that vegetable, you’ll probably want to know if it’s safe for your dog to enjoy it too. What do the vet experts have to say about it?

Dogs can safely eat jicama. The root is also full of beneficial vitamins and minerals that will help to keep your pet healthy. Not only that, but the vegetable contains low amounts of calories. Finally, the root is also high in fiber, which helps your pup’s digestive system.

Your dog can safely eat jicama, depending on how you prepare it. There are so many different ways to make this food, and you want to be sure you’re keeping it healthy for your dog. I made sure to include everything the experts want you to know below!

Is Jicama Toxic to Dogs?

Jicama isn’t toxic to dogs, as long as you feed your dog the root only. The leaves, stems, skin, seeds, and stock are harmful and contain toxins, so you want to make sure that your pup only eats the bulbous part of the root. 

When eaten in large amounts, your dog may become poisoned. 

Although, you won’t need to worry about that if you’re only feeding your dog jicama already prepared. Simply peel the skin from the root, then cut it into slices. Your dog can eat them cooked or raw without concern.

This short video shows you how to peel and cut jicama correctly:

Which Parts Are Toxic?

Jicama stems and leaves are toxic and contain an ingredient known as rotenone. The plant evolved this toxin to protect itself from insects. This ingredient is present in the seeds, leaves, and stems on the jicama, making it essential you remove those parts before offering it to your dog.

You only want to feed your dog the root part of the jicama, which is the round bulb between the two stems. When you cut into it, the flesh inside should resemble a potato. 

Watch Out For Choking Hazards

Dogs that have all of their teeth should have no trouble chewing a piece of jicama. You may want to cut the pieces smaller for older dogs with missing teeth and puppies.

If you need to soften the jicama, you can quickly boil the root, then smash it up for your dog. Make sure that you allow the root ample time to cool before you give it to the dog. The Tundras Stainless Steel Potato Masher from works well at smashing the jicama into mush for older dogs.

Benefits of Feeding a Dog Jicama

There are many health benefits to offering your pet jicama since they contain a ton of nutrients. Plus, the root is very low in calories and comes with a ton of fiber- all great reasons to offer it to your pup as a treat!

Here are all the benefits for you to consider:

It’s Great for Dog Weight Loss

These roots contain a lot of vitamins and other nutrients but are very low in calories. 

That makes them the perfect snack for a dog who you need to lose weight, and the fiber will help your pup feel full for longer.

Plus, your dog is sure to get excited over “human food” offered to them. Your dog will gobble down the jicama and love it just as much as the dog would any other treat, but without gaining weight.

It’s Good for Their Digestion

Fiber is excellent for your dog’s digestion system, and jicama contains a lot of it. 

It helps your dog go to the bathroom and solidifies their stools, making them easier to clean up. Also, if your dog is constipated, offering them this plant may help them get the relief they need.

Overall, the high amount of fiber and water in the veggie is great for improving your dog’s digestive health. You only need to offer your pup a serving or two of jicama to start seeing these benefits.

There Are Many Ways To Prepare It

Finally, this root vegetable is great to have in the kitchen. You can prepare it in so many different ways- for both your pup and yourself! While you have the option to make yourself french fries and other goodies, it’s best to offer your dog this veggie plain.

Your dog likely won’t be able to digest fried jicama as well and may get a mild stomach upset from the oil and grease. It would be better for you to offer them a boiled or raw jicama instead, and your dog will be sure to love the treat just as much.

The best way to prepare it for your dog is as follows:

  1. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  2. Dry the jicama.
  3. Cut the peel off.
  4. Cut the jicama in either slices or squares.

What Do the Vets Have To Say?

Veterinarians say that as long as you slowly introduce your dog to new foods, there should be no issues with feeding them jicama. The easiest way to do this is to add a few small pieces to their kibble and mix them in. Once your dog eats the root, make sure you watch them for signs of stomach upset.

If your pet reacts to jicama, make sure to contact your vet. However, these instances are extremely rare, as the root is very safe for most dogs to eat. It’s worth talking with your vet if you plan on adding jicama to your dog’s daily diet.

Keep It Simple

Vets recommend that you keep the jicama you give to your dog simple. Don’t add any salt, butter, or other ingredients, as some of these ingredients cause a terrible reaction in dogs when eaten in a high enough quantity. 

For example, overeating salt can make your dog very sick. This condition is known as sodium ion poisoning, and it can even be fatal to your pup. While a lightly salted jicama isn’t going to cause harm, it’s still worth being aware of. 

Dogs shouldn’t eat fried food either since they contain a lot of grease and calories. 

If they overeat it, they could experience inflammation in their pancreas and receive damage to their other organs. It’s best that you only offer plain jicama because of this.

Do Dogs Like Jicama?

Many dogs love the taste of jicama since it is a little sweet when cooked. If you want to make them even tastier, make sure to offer them a piece of cooked meat or other healthy vegetables.

Fresh Jicama (5lb)

Jicama also has the benefit of being a treat in your dog’s eyes, as it’s not something that they get to eat very often. You can feel confident your pup will enjoy jicama, especially if they see you eating it too.

Other Veggies To Serve With Jicama

You can serve some other dog-safe vegetables with jicama for your dog. Here are some healthy options:

  • Broccoli
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Celery
  • Spinach 
  • Peas

And, while not a vegetable, you can also offer your dog some pumpkin with their jicama. Dogs love pumpkins, and it’s healthy for them.

You can use the Nummy Tum Tum Pumpkin for Pets from if you don’t feel like preparing pumpkin. It’s an organic pumpkin without any of the ingredients that would be toxic to your pup.

If you want to keep the jicama treat simple, just add it to your pet’s food dish. Your dog will be sure to find it.

Final Thoughts

Your dog and you can enjoy eating jicama together. 

Offer only raw or plain jicama since added ingredients aren’t good for them. Jicama contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber and is even low in calories. All these features make it beneficial for your dog to lose weight too.

Overall, it’s perfectly safe to offer your dog this root as a treat. Make sure to peel and cut it, so your dog doesn’t accidentally eat any toxic parts. You may want to mash the root since it can be a choking hazard for young puppies or older dogs with missing teeth.

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