Dynamite Dog Food Review

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Dogs are part of the family, and you want to make sure that they are as happy and healthy as they can be. A big part of this is ensuring that they have a proper diet. There are many dog foods on the market, so picking the right one for your furry friend can be intimidating. 

Dynamite is a great dog food for dogs who struggle with health or mobility issues due to its high-quality ingredients and exclusion of corn and wheat. However, the food is expensive and not readily available in common pet stores. 

Overall Rating 8/10
Ingredients 10/10
Manufacturing Method 10/10
Price 6/10
Health Benefits 8/10

About Dynamite Dog Food

Dynamite Super Premium Dog Food is a dry kibble made without corn and wheat. It contains prebiotics and probiotics that are meant to help with digestion. The kibble is not baked. Instead, Dynamite utilizes a low-temperature technology that cooks all the starch in the food without damaging the meat and protein. 

The Dynamite Foundation emphasizes a strong baseline of essential nutrients in its products. In addition to their canine line of products, they offer supplements, food, and other care for horses, livestock, exotic animals, and humans. 

Pros of Dynamite Dog Food

Dynamite is a reputable company that prioritizes the nutritional health of both humans and animals, and their premium dog food reflects that emphasis. Here are some great things about Dynamite Super Premium Dog Food: 

  • It is made with 100% natural and organic materials. The ingredients used in this food are natural and don’t have artificial additives that can harm dogs. The chicken and turkey ingredients used are fresh and hand-trimmed. 
  • The food is made with minimal processing and isn’t baked. This method ensures that the nutrients in the ingredients, especially the meats, are optimally preserved. 
  • Dynamite dog food isn’t made with corn or wheat. Both of these ingredients are believed to trigger allergies and cause obesity in dogs, so it is best to avoid them. Many other dog foods on the market contain these ingredients. 
  • The food is suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. There’s no need to seek out a specific formula: this dog food is made for all kinds of dogs in all stages of life.

Cons of Dynamite Dog Food

Although Dynamite is a high-quality dog food, there are some downsides. Let’s take a look at a few: 

  • They only offer one dog food. Unlike other dog food brands with a wide variety of options, Dynamite only offers one dog food: the Super Premium Dog Food. They also have Canine Cookies, but that’s the extent of their selection. 
  • It’s high in price. This is a premium dog food, and the price certainly reflects that. The dog food is available in an eight-pound (3.62 kg) bag for $29 or a forty-pound (18.14 kg) bag for $76.
  • It isn’t widely available. Some premium pet stores may sell Dynamite, and you can buy the food online, but it isn’t readily or widely available. This means you’ll have to put in some effort to get your hands on this particular food.   
  • Dynamite recommends using two of their other products in addition to the dog food for a complete diet. Dynamite considers their dog food just one part of a dog’s diet and recommends Canine TNT and Dyna Pro supplements, which are sold separately and are also pricey. 

Who Should Buy Dynamite?

Dynamite Super Premium Dog Food is best for dogs who struggle with allergies, diabetes, or obesity. Owners willing to spend more money and put in more effort to get dog food with the best ingredients should consider Dynamite. 

Unless you have a particularly picky dog, chances are your dog will be happy with whatever food you give it. However, part of being a responsible dog owner is designing a diet for your dog that suits their needs and your own. 

Dynamite dog food is great for dogs who struggle with health issues. If your dog has allergies, diabetes, or is overweight, the food’s high-quality ingredients and prebiotics and probiotics will help lead them towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Dynamite Dog Food Helps Maintain Joints and Bones

Additionally, the food has chicken cartilage that contains glucosamine. Glucosamine aids in producing materials that help keep a dog’s joints and bones lubricated and working as they should. Therefore, if your dog is aging and starting to exhibit signs of painful movement, this food could help. 

Consider Your Budget When Choosing a Dog Food

However, Dynamite dog food is expensive, and it may be out of budget for many dog owners. There are many dog foods available that are also healthy for dogs without the hefty price tag.

Overall, dog owners who have a few extra bucks to spend on dog food and who have dogs that struggle with their health or mobility would benefit from Dynamite. 

Why Dynamite Dog Food Is Worth It

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons Dynamite is a great dog food: 

Your Dog Will Enjoy the Health Benefits

The most important part of any dog food is the effect it has on your dog’s health. Dynamite is purposeful with its dog food recipe, so it provides the most nutrition and benefits for dogs. Here are some health benefits of Dynamite dog food: 

  • The food has chicken cartilage with glucosamine, which is good for mobility and older dogs. As dogs get older, they often begin to experience pain in their joints, especially their hips. This can make movement difficult and can lower the energy and morale of dogs. Glucosamine helps relieve pain and stiffness in joints by stimulating cartilage growth. 
  • Dynamite does not contain any corn or wheat. These ingredients are common allergens for dogs, so if your dog is prone to allergies, it will probably be a lot happier with Dynamite dog food than an alternative containing these allergens. Additionally, wheat is a large contributor to dog obesity, so dogs who don’t consume wheat are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. 
  • The food has prebiotics and probiotics. These ingredients help with a dog’s digestion. The well-being of the digestive system is essential for the health of the entire body of a dog, as efficient food processing is necessary for gaining proper nutrients and supporting the immune system.

High-Quality Ingredients Make for a High-Quality Diet

The ingredients are high-quality and maintain their nutrition because of Dynamite’s manufacturing process. 

Dynamite doesn’t bake their food, which means the quality of the protein in the food is superior. Cooking meat causes some enzymes and vitamins in meat to lose their nutritional value, and many dog foods go through multiple cooking stages. The protein in the chicken and turkey in Dynamite dog food is as nutritious as possible. 

Dynamite uses fresh USDA chicken and turkey in their food, as well as several other healthy ingredients. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of these ingredients: 

  • Chicken and turkey are lean meats that are high in protein. Dogs need protein for energy and tissue maintenance, so any dog food—like Dynamite—that features chicken or turkey as its number one ingredient is off to a good start. 
  • Chicken is a great source of omega-six fatty acids and amino acids. These nutritional acids help maintain the skin and coat of dogs. With an adequate amount of them in its diet, your dog will experience fewer rashes and uncomfortable skin problems. 
  • Turkey contains riboflavin. Riboflavin supports your dog’s metabolism. 
  • Barley, the second ingredient in the food, is a good source of fiber. It is also lower in cholesterol than other fiber sources, making it a solid ingredient for any dog food. 
  • Dynamite food contains flaxseed, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed is highly beneficial to dog health, including fatty acids that are beneficial for a dog’s skin and coat. These fatty acids can also help with stiff joints and wound healing.  
  • Brown rice is high in fiber. This ingredient helps with digestion. Brown rice is also high in vitamin D and vitamin B, which are good for heart health. 
  • Dynamite has a high amount of chicken fat. Though this may not sound appetizing to humans, dogs love the taste of chicken fat, and it is good for them! Chicken fat is abundant in linoleic acid, and animals with insufficient linoleic acid intake often have poor skin, weak coats, and inferior immune systems. 
  • Turkey liver has lots of nutrients. Turkey liver is a great source of protein and vitamin A, copper, zinc niacin, iron, and phosphorus. 
  • The menhaden fish meal is good for the skin and coat. If you want your dog’s shiny coat to be the envy of everyone at the dog park, this is a great ingredient to look for in dog food. 

Dynamite has been manufacturing supplements and vitamins for all kinds of animals for years, so they are always purposeful and intentional with the ingredients they include in their products. 

Your Dog Can Enjoy Dynamite Throughout Its Life

Dynamite dog food is suitable for dogs of all sizes and in all stages of life, so you can feed it to your dog from puppyhood to old age. All you need to do is adjust how much food you give them. Dynamite recommends giving puppies as much food as they can eat until they are fully grown. Dogs over ninety pounds (40.82 kg) should get one cup of food for every twenty pounds (9.07 kg) of weight. 

Constantly changing a dog’s food can damage their health, as their bodies and digestive systems have to adjust to the new diet every time. Therefore, it is great news that Dynamite’s dog food is suitable for dogs of all ages. 

Dynamite Downsides

Dynamite dog food isn’t perfect. Let’s investigate some of the downsides to this food: 

It’s Expensive and Doesn’t Compose a Complete Diet on Its Own

This is a premium dog food, so it isn’t cheap. On the Dynamite website, an eight-pound (3.62 kg) bag costs $29. This is $3.63 per pound (0.45 kg), which is significantly higher than the average cost of traditional kibble: $1.97 per pound (0.45 kg). The forty-pound (18.14 kg) bag brings the cost per pound (0.45 kg) closer to average. 

Dynamite Recommends Buying Two Additional Supplements

However, with Dynamite dog food, you don’t only have to worry about the cost of the dog food; you also need to factor in the cost of Dynamite’s Canine TNT and Dyna Pro products. Dynamite considers their dog food to be just one part of a dog’s diet and highly recommends incorporating these products. 

Total Nutritional Top-dress, otherwise known as TNT, is a supplement that contains enzymes and amino acids. It can be sprinkled over food or mixed with water to make a gravy. A five-pound (2.26 kg) bag costs $61. 

Dyna Pro is designed to encourage good microbes in your dog for better gut health. It can be put on food or applied directly into the dog’s mouth. A four-ounce (113.39 g) bottle costs $26, and a 16-ounce (453.59 g) bottle costs $40. 

With these additional products in mind, the cost of feeding your dog a complete Dynamite diet can be quite high and may be out of reach for some dog owners.  

There’s Only One Flavor Option

If your dog doesn’t like chicken or turkey, you’re out of luck. Because Dynamite only has one dog food, there isn’t room for experimentation to see what kind of food your dog likes the best or seems most energetic or happy eating. 

If your dog doesn’t like Dynamite Super Premium Dog Food, you’ll have to find a completely different brand instead of just selecting a different flavor or formula. 

It Isn’t Widely Available

You most likely won’t be able to quickly run to your local pet store to grab some more Dynamite dog food when you run out because it isn’t sold in most pet stores. Some premium stores may carry it, but this is unlikely. 

This means that you’ll have to pay attention to your stock and plan ahead when it comes to ordering more food. This is an added hassle and inconvenience that many may wish to avoid. 


If your dog struggles with health issues, obesity, or painful mobility, and you’re willing to spend more money on dog food to help them with these problems, Dynamite Super Premium Dog Food is a great option. The company puts a lot of thought into its ingredients and manufacturing process, and the result is a food that is beneficial for any dog’s health and nutrition.